Computer Theory and Application Laboratory


Seminars 2019

  • Algorithmic Framework for Approximate Matching Under Bounded Edits with Applications to Sequence Analysis
    Prof. Sharma V. Thankachan, University of Central Florida, 2019.10.29
  • Avoiding Overlaps in Pictures
    Prof. Dora Giammarresi , University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, 2019.09.10
  • 2-Connectivity in Directed Graphs
    Prof. Giuseppe F. Italiano , LUISS University, 2019.09.10
  • Faithful Visual Analytics of Big Complex Data
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney, 2019.05.09

Seminars 2018

  • The Index and the Finger
    Prof. Amihood Amir, Bar-Ilan University, 2018.11.28
  • Locating All Maximal Approximate Runs in a String
    Prof. Gad M. Landau, University of Haifa, 2018.11.26
  • Perpetual maintenance of machines with different attendance urgency factors
    Prof. Leszek A Gasieniec, University of Liverpool, 2018.11.02
  • Taming Subgraph Isomorphism for RDF Query Processing
    Prof. Wook-Shin Han, Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2018.04.06

Seminars 2017

  • New Quality Metrics for Graph Visualisation
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney, 2017.01.09

Seminars 2016

  • Holistic Approach to Cloud Data Centre Efficiency
    Dr. Young Choon Lee, Department of Computing, Macquarie University, 2016.07.22
  • Indexing by Kernelization
    Dr. Simon J. Puglisi, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 2016.03.21
  • Lempel-Ziv Decoding in External Memory
    Dr. Simon J. Puglisi, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 2016.03.21

Seminars 2015

  • Integrated Analysis of Mutual Exclusivity and Gene Interactions in Pan-Cancer
    Yoo-Ah Kim, NCBI, 2015.08.06
  • Beyond Planarity: Algorithmics for Sparse Non-Planar Graphs
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney , 2015.05.11

Seminars 2014

  • Deterministic Fully Dynamic Data Structures for Vertex Cover and Matching
    Prof. Giuseppe F. Italiano, University of Roma “Tor Vergata” , 2014.12.19
  • Succinct data Structures for Representing Equivalence Classes
    Prof. J. Ian Munro, University of Waterloo, 2014.12.12
  • Georgia Tech’s new Online MOOC based Master Program
    Dr. Zvi Galil, Dean of College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014.08.07
  • Shape Matching – How much do they resemble each other?
    Prof. 안희갑, POSTECH, 2014.05.23
  • Efficient Implementation of NTRU Cryptosystem Using Sliding Window Methods
    김정우, 삼성전자, 2014.05.12
  • Constant-Time Word-Size String-Matching and Packed String-Matching
    Prof. Danny Breslauer, University of Haifa, Isreal, 2014.05.07

Seminars 2013

  • Suffix Array of Alignment
    Prof. Thierry Lecroq, University of Rouen, France, 2013.11.06
  • Monoisotopic Mass Determination Algorithm for Selenocysteine-Containing Polypeptides from Mass Spectrometric Data Based on Theoretical Modeling of Isotopic Peak Intensity Ratios
    Jin Wook Kim, Medical Information Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, 2013.05.03

Seminars 2012

  • On Exact Algorithms for Ordering CSP
    Eunjung Kim, CNRS, 2012.10.17
  • Near real-time suffix tree construction via the fringe marked ancestor problem
    Prof. Danny Breslauer, University of Haifa, Israel, 2012.10.09
  • Algorithms on Grammar-Compressed Strings
    Prof. Gad Landau, University of Haifa, Israel, 2012.05.11
  • Length Reduction in Binary Transforms
    Prof. Amihood Amir, Bar-Ilan University and Johns Hopkins University, 2012.05.09
  • Recent Advances in Straight-line Graph Drawing: Extending Steinitz’s Theorem, Fary’s Theorem and Tutte’s Barycenter Theorem
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong,University of Sydney, 2012.01.03

Seminars 2011

  • Improving Christofides’ Algorithm for the s-t Path TSP
    Hyung-Chan An,Cornell University, 2011.12.21
  • BiTR: Built-in Tamper Resilience
    Seung Geol Choi, University of Maryland, 2011.12.19
  • Vertex-minors, Monadic Second-Order Logic, and a Conjecture by Seese
    Prof. Sang-il Oum, KAIST, 2011.10.18
  • DynMap: mapping short reads to multiple closely-related genomes
    Prof. Costas S. Iliopoulos, King’s College London, 2011.09.28
  • Algorithms for identifying periodic structures
    Dr. Solon P. Pissis, King’s College London, 2011.09.28
  • Fast Clustering using MapReduce
    Sungjin Im, Univ. of Illinois, 2011.09.21
  • An empirical evaluation of extendible arrays
    Prof. Rajeev Raman, Univ. of Leicester, 2011.05.18
  • Finding the longest common nonsuperstring in linear time
    인하대 심정섭 교수, 2011.01.21
  • Random graphs and population genetics
    Dr. Laxmi Parida, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, 2011.01.10

Seminars 2010

  • Public Key Cryptosystems with Evolving Keys
    Prof. Matt Franklin, U. C. Davis, 2010.12.13
  • Algorithmic Aspects of Secure Computation and Communication
    Prof. Matt Franklin, U. C. Davis, 2010.12.13
  • Addressing Insider Threats to Data Integrity
    Prof. Marianne Winslett, Univ. of Illinois, 2010.11.23
  • REAL: REad ALigner is an efficient short-read mapping tool
    Prof. Costas S. Iliopoulos, King’s College London, 2010.10.06
  • An algorithm for mapping short reads to a dynamically changing genomic sequence
    Prof. Costas S. Iliopoulos, King’s College London, 2010.10.05
  • Mitigation of Decentralized Advanced Multi-tiered Botnets
    ByungHoon Kang, Charlotte UNC, 2010.06.11
  • 이동통신망 소형기지국 보안
    삼성전자 김이용 박사, 2010.05.15
  • Mining Sequential Patterns from Probabilistic Databases
    Prof. Rajeev Raman, Univ. of Leicester, 2010.03.29
  • Optimal Trade-Off for Succinct String Indexes
    Prof. Rajeev Raman, Univ. of Leicester, 2010.03.19
  • 한글기반의 인터넷 비속어 처리 방법
    부산대 조환규 교수, 2010.02.23
  • A special case of Katz Status Index
    건국대 김성렬 교수, 2010.01.19
  • Improved Algorithms for Finding Consistent Superstrings based on a New Graph Model
    인하대 김진욱 박사, 2010.01.13
  • Visual Analysis of Large and Complex Networks
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2010.01.07

Seminars 2009

  • Designing Useful Viruses
    Prof. Steven Skiena, State Univ. of New York, 2009.07.17
  • News and Blog Analysis with Lydia
    Prof. Steven Skiena, State Univ. of New York, 2009.07.16
  • Facets of Information
    Prof. Wojciech Szpankowski, Purdue Univ., 2009.07.03
  • Practical implementation of rank/select structures on texts over large alphabets
    한양대 이선호 박사, 2009.06.15
  • Next-Generation Data Security Architectures
    Dr. Máire O’Neill, Queen’s Univ., 2009.03.02
  • PageRank와 Katz Status Index의 이론적 비교
    건국대 김성렬 교수, 2009.02.17
  • Overview of Some Tree Edit Distance Metrics and HTML Change Detection
    HM연구소 김진욱 박사, 2009.02.06
  • 임베디드 보안 시스템을 위한 하드웨어 칩 설계 기술
    한양대 김동규 교수, 2009.01.30
  • Computing consensus of 3 strings that optimizes both radius and sum via hamming distance
    한양대 박희진 교수, 2009.01.22
  • Extending Convex Drawings of Graphs
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2009.01.09

Seminars 2008

  • Isotopic Meshing of Singular Algebraic Curves
    Prof. Chee K. Yap, New York Univ., 2008.07.10
  • Sequential Kernel Density Approximation and Its Applications to Real-Time Computer Vision
    Princeton Univ. 한보형 박사, 2008.03.25
  • Landscapes in Subsequencesland
    Prof. Alberto Apostolico, Accademia dei Lincei & Univ of Padova & Georgia Tech, 2008.03.06
  • PageRank Algorithm for Large Scale Graph
    HM연구소 김진욱 박사, 2008.02.23
  • Evidence for the Dominance of Technology in Search Engine Market
    건국대 김성렬 교수, 2008.02.01
  • Triconnected component algorithm and its application to the web graph
    HM연구소 박성수, 2008.01.29
  • On-line Construction of Two-Dimensional Suffix Trees in Randomized Linear Time
    건국대 나중채 박사, 2008.01.25

Seminars 2007

  • Soft Edge Coloring and its Application in Wireless Networks
    Prof.Yoo-Ah Kim, Univ. of Connecticut, 2007.12.17
  • 벤처투자 101
    (주)소프트뱅크벤처스 대표 문규학, 2007.05.29
  • String Similarity Algorithms using the Gap-Penalty Scoring Scheme
    (주)HM 연구소 김진욱 박사, 2007.03.16
  • Algorithms for the Maximum Subarray Problem and their Applications
    Prof. Tadao Takaoka, Univ. of Canterbury, 2007.03.13
  • A Simple Construction of Two-Dimensional Suffix Trees in Linear Time
    인하대 심정섭 교수, 2007.02.22
  • Recent Research Topics for Constructing Two-dimensional Full-text Index Data Structures
    한양대 김동규 교수, 2007.02.09
  • Faster Filters for Approximate String Matching
    건국대 나중채 교수, 2007.01.12
  • Theory and Practice of Graph Drawing: Visualisation and Analysis of Large and Complex Networks
    Dr. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2007.01.05

Seminars 2006

  • Search Engines, Past, Present, and Future of Technology
    건국대 김성렬 교수, 2006.12.28
  • A randomized algorithm for the fast approximate point set matching problem
    한국항공대 이인복 교수, 2006.12.23
  • Short Traceable Signatures Based on Bilinear Pairings
    PhD Candidate 최승걸, Columbia Univ. PhD, 2006.10.25
  • Group Encryption
    Prof. Moti Yung, Columbia Univ., 2006.08.30
  • Efficient implementation of NTRU
    인하대 이문규 교수, 2006.05.20
  • Cryptographic 알고리즘의 최적화
    서울대 박근수 교수, 2006.03.13
  • Linear Time Algorithm for the generalised Longest Common Repeat Problem
    서울대 이인복 박사, 2006.02.24

Seminars 2005

  • Genomic Data Mining Enhanced by Symbolic Manipulation of Boolean Functions
    Prof. 윤성로, Stanford Univ, 2005.09.05
  • Kleptographic Attacks: a survey
    Prof. Moti Yung, Columbia Univ, 2005.08.25
  • Linear Construction of Suffix Arrays
    서울대 박근수 교수, 2005.03.08

Seminars 2004

  • Anonyminer: Mining Data from Anonymous Transactions
    Prof. Moti Yung, Univ. of Columbia , 2004.12.11
  • 유전자 조절
    서울대 정구흥 교수, 2004.11.08
  • Computational Problems in Conserved Gene Cluster Finding
    부산대 조환규 교수, 2004.10.08
  • On Database Performance Study
    Prof. 문봉기, Univ. of Arizona, 2004.07.02
  • An Efficient Index Data Structure with the Capabilities of Suffix Trees and Suffix Arrays for Alphabets of Non-Negligible Size
    부산대 김동규 교수, 2004.06.05
  • Computing the Tree of Life: automating phylogenetic inference over all prokaryotic genomes
    Prof. Mark Ragan, Univ. of Queensland, 2004.04.26
  • Theory of Real Approximation
    Prof. Chee Yap, State Univ. of New York, 2004.04.22
  • Mining the Web: Search Engines
    Prof. Ricardo Baeza-Yates,Univ. of Chile, 2004.02.17

Seminars 2003

  • IPSec 프로토콜과 그 응용
    부산대 김동규 교수, 2003.11.14
  • Predicting protein-protein Interactions using SVM
    한국외대 정유진 조교수, 2003.11.10
  • Sequence data mining
    한국전자통신연구원 심정섭 박사, 2003.11.04
  • Struggling between HBV and host
    서울대 박성규 박사, 2003.10.17
  • Improved scalable hash chain traversal
    건국대 김성렬 교수, 2003.10.07
  • Prediction of protein subcellular locations by support vector machines using compositions of mino acids and amino acid pairs
    산업기술종합연구소 박근준 박사, 2003.09.15
  • Authenticated group Key exchange in constant rounds
    Moti Yung, Columbia Univ., 2003.08.28
  • The maximum number of runs in a string
    Prof. Bill Smyth, McMaster Univ., 2003.07.16
  • Online LIB problems: heuristics for bin covering and lower bounds for bin packing
    Prabhu Manyem, Univ. of South Australia, 2003.07.15
  • Algorithms on Indeterminate strings
    Prof. Bill Smyth, McMaster Univ., 2003.07.15
  • Data reservoir, a file sharing facility on long fat pipe network
    Mary Inaba, Univ. of Tokyo, 2003.07.14
  • Delay constrained routing in communication networks and heuristics/ approximation schemes
    Krishnaiya Thulasiraman, Univ. of Oklanoma, 2003.07.11
  • System biology 을 위한 생물 정보 전달
    서울대 정구흥 교수, 2003.06.27
  • On Kramer-Mesner matrix partitioning conjecture
    서울대 노유미 박사, 2003.06.19
  • Timing attack against Implementation of a parallel algorithm for modular exponentiation
    Prof. Kouichi Sakurai, Kyushu Univ., 2003.06.11
  • Bioinformatics for post-sequence era
    한국생명공학 허칠구 연구원, 2003.05.30
  • An efficient parallel algorithm for scheduling interval ordered tasks
    한국외대 정유진 조교수, 2003.05.23
  • Boolean circuit programming: a new paradigm to design parallel algorithm
    이화여대 박희진 박사, 2003.05.14
  • Linear-time construction of suffix arrays
    부산대 김동규 조교수, 2003.05.10
  • 일반인을 위한 전산수학
    Microsoft Research, 김정한, 2003.03.06
  • Hybridizations models, DNA cubes, and error-preventing codes for biocomputing
    Max H. Garzon, Univ. of Memphis, 2003.02.10
  • An efficient representation of scalars for simultaneous elliptic scalar multiplication
    Prof. Kouichi Sakurai, Kyushu Univ., 2003.01.22
  • Information visualisation and graph drawing
    Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2003.01.09

Seminars 2002

  • 포스트지놈 시대의 바이오 인포매틱스
    한국전자통신연구원 심정섭 박사, 2002.11.30
  • Family competition evolutionary algorithm approach an protein docking problem
    Prof. Cheng-Yan Kao, National Taiwan Univ., 2002.11.14
  • Status of rice genome sequencing program in Korea status of rice genome sequencing program in Korea
    농업생명공학연구원 윤웅한 교수, 2002.10.24
  • LCA problem vs. range minima problem
    부산대 김동규 조교수, 2002.10.18
  • Linear-time algorithms for proximity problem given keyword offsets
    건국대 김성렬 박사, 2002.10.15
  • Prediction of transcription regulatory sites with dependency-reflecting decomposition model (DRDM)
    (주) 스몰소프트 김기봉 박사, 2002.09.26