Algorithmic Framework for Approximate Matching Under Bounded Edits with Applications to Sequence Analysis
Prof. Sharma V. Thankachan, University of Central Florida, 2019.10.29
Avoiding Overlaps in Pictures
Prof. Dora Giammarresi, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, 2019.09.10
2-Connectivity in Directed Graphs
Prof. Giuseppe F. Italiano, LUISS University, 2019.09.10
Faithful Visual Analytics of Big Complex Data
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney, 2019.05.09


The Index and the Finger
Prof. Amihood Amir, Bar-Ilan University, 2018.11.28
Locating All Maximal Approximate Runs in a String
Prof. Gad M. Landau, University of Haifa, 2018.11.26
Perpetual maintenance of machines with different attendance urgency factors
Prof. Leszek A Gasieniec, University of Liverpool, 2018.11.02
Taming Subgraph Isomorphism for RDF Query Processing
Prof. Wook-Shin Han, Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2018.04.06


New Quality Metrics for Graph Visualisation
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney, 2017.01.09


Holistic Approach to Cloud Data Centre Efficiency
Dr. Young Choon Lee, Department of Computing, Macquarie University, 2016.07.22
Indexing by Kernelization
Dr. Simon J. Puglisi, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 2016.03.21
Lempel-Ziv Decoding in External Memory
Dr. Simon J. Puglisi, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 2016.03.21


Integrated Analysis of Mutual Exclusivity and Gene Interactions in Pan-Cancer
Dr. Yoo-Ah Kim, NCBI, 2015.08.06
Beyond Planarity: Algorithmics for Sparse Non-Planar Graphs
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney , 2015.05.11


Deterministic Fully Dynamic Data Structures for Vertex Cover and Matching
Prof. Giuseppe F. Italiano, University of Roma “Tor Vergata” , 2014.12.19
Succinct data Structures for Representing Equivalence Classes
Prof. J. Ian Munro, University of Waterloo, 2014.12.12
Georgia Tech’s new Online MOOC based Master Program
Prof. Zvi Galil, Dean of College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014.08.07
Shape Matching – How much do they resemble each other?
Prof. 안희갑, POSTECH, 2014.05.23
Efficient Implementation of NTRU Cryptosystem Using Sliding Window Methods
김정우, 삼성전자, 2014.05.12
Constant-Time Word-Size String-Matching and Packed String-Matching
Prof. Danny Breslauer, University of Haifa, Isreal, 2014.05.07


Suffix Array of Alignment
Prof. Thierry Lecroq, University of Rouen, France, 2013.11.06
Monoisotopic Mass Determination Algorithm for Selenocysteine-Containing Polypeptides from Mass Spectrometric Data Based on Theoretical Modeling of Isotopic Peak Intensity Ratios
Jin Wook Kim, Medical Information Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, 2013.05.03


On Exact Algorithms for Ordering CSP
Eunjung Kim, CNRS, 2012.10.17
Near real-time suffix tree construction via the fringe marked ancestor problem
Prof. Danny Breslauer, University of Haifa, Israel, 2012.10.09
Algorithms on Grammar-Compressed Strings
Prof. Gad Landau, University of Haifa, Israel, 2012.05.11
Length Reduction in Binary Transforms
Prof. Amihood Amir, Bar-Ilan University and Johns Hopkins University, 2012.05.09
Recent Advances in Straight-line Graph Drawing: Extending Steinitz’s Theorem, Fary’s Theorem and Tutte’s Barycenter Theorem
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong,University of Sydney, 2012.01.03


Improving Christofides’ Algorithm for the s-t Path TSP
Hyung-Chan An,Cornell University, 2011.12.21
BiTR: Built-in Tamper Resilience
Seung Geol Choi, University of Maryland, 2011.12.19
Vertex-minors, Monadic Second-Order Logic, and a Conjecture by Seese
Prof. Sang-il Oum, KAIST, 2011.10.18
DynMap: mapping short reads to multiple closely-related genomes
Prof. Costas S. Iliopoulos, King’s College London, 2011.09.28
Algorithms for identifying periodic structures
Dr. Solon P. Pissis, King’s College London, 2011.09.28
Fast Clustering using MapReduce
Sungjin Im, Univ. of Illinois, 2011.09.21
An empirical evaluation of extendible arrays
Prof. Rajeev Raman, Univ. of Leicester, 2011.05.18
Finding the longest common nonsuperstring in linear time
인하대 심정섭 교수, 2011.01.21
Random graphs and population genetics
Dr. Laxmi Parida, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, 2011.01.10


Public Key Cryptosystems with Evolving Keys
Prof. Matt Franklin, U. C. Davis, 2010.12.13
Algorithmic Aspects of Secure Computation and Communication
Prof. Matt Franklin, U. C. Davis, 2010.12.13
Addressing Insider Threats to Data Integrity
Prof. Marianne Winslett, Univ. of Illinois, 2010.11.23
REAL: REad ALigner is an efficient short-read mapping tool
Prof. Costas S. Iliopoulos, King’s College London, 2010.10.06
An algorithm for mapping short reads to a dynamically changing genomic sequence
Prof. Costas S. Iliopoulos, King’s College London, 2010.10.05
Mitigation of Decentralized Advanced Multi-tiered Botnets
ByungHoon Kang, Charlotte UNC, 2010.06.11
이동통신망 소형기지국 보안
삼성전자 김이용 박사, 2010.05.15
Mining Sequential Patterns from Probabilistic Databases
Prof. Rajeev Raman, Univ. of Leicester, 2010.03.29
Optimal Trade-Off for Succinct String Indexes
Prof. Rajeev Raman, Univ. of Leicester, 2010.03.19
한글기반의 인터넷 비속어 처리 방법
부산대 조환규 교수, 2010.02.23
A special case of Katz Status Index
건국대 김성렬 교수, 2010.01.19
Improved Algorithms for Finding Consistent Superstrings based on a New Graph Model
인하대 김진욱 박사, 2010.01.13
Visual Analysis of Large and Complex Networks
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2010.01.07


Designing Useful Viruses
Prof. Steven Skiena, State Univ. of New York, 2009.07.17
News and Blog Analysis with Lydia
Prof. Steven Skiena, State Univ. of New York, 2009.07.16
Facets of Information
Prof. Wojciech Szpankowski, Purdue Univ., 2009.07.03
Practical implementation of rank/select structures on texts over large alphabets
한양대 이선호 박사, 2009.06.15
Next-Generation Data Security Architectures
Dr. Máire O’Neill, Queen’s Univ., 2009.03.02
PageRank와 Katz Status Index의 이론적 비교
건국대 김성렬 교수, 2009.02.17
Overview of Some Tree Edit Distance Metrics and HTML Change Detection
HM연구소 김진욱 박사, 2009.02.06
임베디드 보안 시스템을 위한 하드웨어 칩 설계 기술
한양대 김동규 교수, 2009.01.30
Computing consensus of 3 strings that optimizes both radius and sum via hamming distance
한양대 박희진 교수, 2009.01.22
Extending Convex Drawings of Graphs
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2009.01.09


Isotopic Meshing of Singular Algebraic Curves
Prof. Chee K. Yap, New York Univ., 2008.07.10
Sequential Kernel Density Approximation and Its Applications to Real-Time Computer Vision
Princeton Univ. 한보형 박사, 2008.03.25
Landscapes in Subsequencesland
Prof. Alberto Apostolico, Accademia dei Lincei & Univ of Padova & Georgia Tech, 2008.03.06
PageRank Algorithm for Large Scale Graph
HM연구소 김진욱 박사, 2008.02.23
Evidence for the Dominance of Technology in Search Engine Market
건국대 김성렬 교수, 2008.02.01
Triconnected component algorithm and its application to the web graph
HM연구소 박성수, 2008.01.29
On-line Construction of Two-Dimensional Suffix Trees in Randomized Linear Time
건국대 나중채 박사, 2008.01.25


Soft Edge Coloring and its Application in Wireless Networks
Prof.Yoo-Ah Kim, Univ. of Connecticut, 2007.12.17
벤처투자 101
(주)소프트뱅크벤처스 대표 문규학, 2007.05.29
String Similarity Algorithms using the Gap-Penalty Scoring Scheme
(주)HM 연구소 김진욱 박사, 2007.03.16
Algorithms for the Maximum Subarray Problem and their Applications
Prof. Tadao Takaoka, Univ. of Canterbury, 2007.03.13
A Simple Construction of Two-Dimensional Suffix Trees in Linear Time
인하대 심정섭 교수, 2007.02.22
Recent Research Topics for Constructing Two-dimensional Full-text Index Data Structures
한양대 김동규 교수, 2007.02.09
Faster Filters for Approximate String Matching
건국대 나중채 교수, 2007.01.12
Theory and Practice of Graph Drawing: Visualisation and Analysis of Large and Complex Networks
Dr. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2007.01.05


Search Engines, Past, Present, and Future of Technology
건국대 김성렬 교수, 2006.12.28
A randomized algorithm for the fast approximate point set matching problem
한국항공대 이인복 교수, 2006.12.23
Short Traceable Signatures Based on Bilinear Pairings
PhD Candidate 최승걸, Columbia Univ. PhD, 2006.10.25
Group Encryption
Prof. Moti Yung, Columbia Univ., 2006.08.30
Efficient implementation of NTRU
인하대 이문규 교수, 2006.05.20
Cryptographic 알고리즘의 최적화
서울대 박근수 교수, 2006.03.13
Linear Time Algorithm for the generalised Longest Common Repeat Problem
서울대 이인복 박사, 2006.02.24


Genomic Data Mining Enhanced by Symbolic Manipulation of Boolean Functions
Prof. 윤성로, Stanford Univ, 2005.09.05
Kleptographic Attacks: a survey
Prof. Moti Yung, Columbia Univ, 2005.08.25
Linear Construction of Suffix Arrays
서울대 박근수 교수, 2005.03.08


Anonyminer: Mining Data from Anonymous Transactions
Prof. Moti Yung, Univ. of Columbia , 2004.12.11
유전자 조절
서울대 정구흥 교수, 2004.11.08
Computational Problems in Conserved Gene Cluster Finding
부산대 조환규 교수, 2004.10.08
On Database Performance Study
Prof. 문봉기, Univ. of Arizona, 2004.07.02
An Efficient Index Data Structure with the Capabilities of Suffix Trees and Suffix Arrays for Alphabets of Non-Negligible Size
부산대 김동규 교수, 2004.06.05
Computing the Tree of Life: automating phylogenetic inference over all prokaryotic genomes
Prof. Mark Ragan, Univ. of Queensland, 2004.04.26
Theory of Real Approximation
Prof. Chee Yap, State Univ. of New York, 2004.04.22
Mining the Web: Search Engines
Prof. Ricardo Baeza-Yates,Univ. of Chile, 2004.02.17


IPSec 프로토콜과 그 응용
부산대 김동규 교수, 2003.11.14
Predicting protein-protein Interactions using SVM
한국외대 정유진 조교수, 2003.11.10
Sequence data mining
한국전자통신연구원 심정섭 박사, 2003.11.04
Struggling between HBV and host
서울대 박성규 박사, 2003.10.17
Improved scalable hash chain traversal
건국대 김성렬 교수, 2003.10.07
Prediction of protein subcellular locations by support vector machines using compositions of mino acids and amino acid pairs
산업기술종합연구소 박근준 박사, 2003.09.15
Authenticated group Key exchange in constant rounds
Moti Yung, Columbia Univ., 2003.08.28
The maximum number of runs in a string
Prof. Bill Smyth, McMaster Univ., 2003.07.16
Online LIB problems: heuristics for bin covering and lower bounds for bin packing
Prabhu Manyem, Univ. of South Australia, 2003.07.15
Algorithms on Indeterminate strings
Prof. Bill Smyth, McMaster Univ., 2003.07.15
Data reservoir, a file sharing facility on long fat pipe network
Mary Inaba, Univ. of Tokyo, 2003.07.14
Delay constrained routing in communication networks and heuristics/ approximation schemes
Krishnaiya Thulasiraman, Univ. of Oklanoma, 2003.07.11
System biology 을 위한 생물 정보 전달
서울대 정구흥 교수, 2003.06.27
On Kramer-Mesner matrix partitioning conjecture
서울대 노유미 박사, 2003.06.19
Timing attack against Implementation of a parallel algorithm for modular exponentiation
Prof. Kouichi Sakurai, Kyushu Univ., 2003.06.11
Bioinformatics for post-sequence era
한국생명공학 허칠구 연구원, 2003.05.30
An efficient parallel algorithm for scheduling interval ordered tasks
한국외대 정유진 조교수, 2003.05.23
Boolean circuit programming: a new paradigm to design parallel algorithm
이화여대 박희진 박사, 2003.05.14
Linear-time construction of suffix arrays
부산대 김동규 조교수, 2003.05.10
일반인을 위한 전산수학
Microsoft Research, 김정한, 2003.03.06
Hybridizations models, DNA cubes, and error-preventing codes for biocomputing
Max H. Garzon, Univ. of Memphis, 2003.02.10
An efficient representation of scalars for simultaneous elliptic scalar multiplication
Prof. Kouichi Sakurai, Kyushu Univ., 2003.01.22
Information visualisation and graph drawing
Prof. Seok-Hee Hong, Univ. of Sydney, 2003.01.09


포스트지놈 시대의 바이오 인포매틱스
한국전자통신연구원 심정섭 박사, 2002.11.30
Family competition evolutionary algorithm approach an protein docking problem
Prof. Cheng-Yan Kao, National Taiwan Univ., 2002.11.14
Status of rice genome sequencing program in Korea status of rice genome sequencing program in Korea
농업생명공학연구원 윤웅한 교수, 2002.10.24
LCA problem vs. range minima problem
부산대 김동규 조교수, 2002.10.18
Linear-time algorithms for proximity problem given keyword offsets
건국대 김성렬 박사, 2002.10.15
Prediction of transcription regulatory sites with dependency-reflecting decomposition model (DRDM)
(주) 스몰소프트 김기봉 박사, 2002.09.26